New block explorer for SPES

Hello all,

Just a quick note, a new block explorer has been setup for SPES

You can access it from here:

Best regards,

New GUI Wallet Release

So the first change to the project has arrived! We are proud to announce our new and improved GUI Wallet 2.0.0, dubbed Cupid
A lot of effort went into this release and we already have a few tweaks planned here and there for future additions or changes.
As this project is very much a community based project we want to invite you to make suggestions around the new wallet. It could be anything that you think would make it a better experience.
Please post any suggestions in our discord server in #gui-wallet channel and for every idea which is implemented, there will be a reward :smiley:
As always, we appreciate your continued support! We look forward to read about your recommendations.
Please download Cupid here:

Web wallet is back online

Just let you know that the web wallet is back online!!!

Please note that the SPES wallet is provided only as a convenience to the community – you should NEVER store large amounts of SPES in this wallet.


This should not serve as your primary wallet – use a SPES desktop wallet for that purpose.

We strongly encourage users to take advantage of 2 Factor authentication which we have made available on the web wallet site.

Finally – while every effort possible is constantly being made by the SPES development team to provide a safe platform, please note that SPES, it’s developers or contributors shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, special, consequential or other losses of any kind (including but not limited to a loss in revenue, profits and loss of use or data), arising out of or in connection with your use of the wallet. Please refer to the terms and conditions on the web wallet site.

Dear SpesCoin Community,

We have been running the SpesCoin project since inception with the same front end and mostly the same back end. A few tweaks here and there happened but we did not announce them. We are happy to say that we have had very little interruptions and down time. As you know we have been running the project alongside our normal jobs and lives all because of a passion to help make a difference in the lives of less fortunate and needy people. We have funded everything with our own money so it has been slow going. We thought it might be time for a few new introductions to the project timeline…. We will be rolling out some changes over the next few months starting this coming week :wink: We will also need your input and participation in some of the decisions to be made. Keep an eye out here for some exciting news!
Thank you for your support thus far! Know that we are committed to making this project very successful for everyone!
Kindest regards
Team SpesCoin
PS! There might be a new airdrop campaign soon!!!

Public seed nodes MUST update to the new source code!!!

Everyone that is running a public seed node for SPES, you MUST update your node/nodes. Please download the new source code and compile it for your operating system.

If you running your seed node in a windows operating system you can download the binary from here:
If you running your seed node in a linux operating system you will have to compile the binary, download the source code from here:

New source code + CLI wallet for windows 64

New source code + CLI wallet for windows 64 has been released.
You can download it from here:
What is new:
Very fast blockchain sync + other features that can be implemented in the future.
This update is NOT MANDATORY, but in order for everyone to experience the fasted blockchain sync everyone should update/use it.